On Standard of Professional Translation Service

The stats reveals that there had to do with 28,500 translation works released throughout China, with approximately 2192 yearly from 1978 to 1990. The information from 1995 to 2003 is practically 9 times of that from 1978 to 1990, which were 94400 and 10489 respectively. There is no doubt that China is a huge translation nation. It cannot be thought about as an effective translation nation due to the existing scenario. The overall translation level is not as high as that in other nations. Numerous businesses emerge in effective a great deal and different levels of translation services.

Both of the amount and quality of translators are severely required to increase. In despite of that the variety of expert translators has actually reached 60 thousand, there have to do with 500 thousand part-time translators in China, and the quality is still in a low level.

There is no fully grown guideline to guide and handle the translation market.

It is apparent that translation service has to be enhanced in order to make China a translation power. Competitive strength of a business depends on its translation service. Translation service is a fulfilling business habits which uses clients with changing service of more than 2 languages. Because of the abnormality in this market, competitors are ending up being intense significantly. Just expert service can make a business in an invincible position and exceptional amongst numerous rivals.

Above all, the core to accomplish expert translation service depends on the requirement. To start with, it demands the assistance of translation management. To puts it simply, it is not carried out by a specific, however by an exceptional group, where staff member comply in an efficient way. The group includes task supervisor, translators, quality control department (QA department), editor, proofreader, linguistic professional and technical specialist. The skill filtering is particularly essential so that the included individuals are entitled to their work. Take Soven Trans for instance, the skill filtering procedure is rather difficult. Just 3 from 1000 individuals would be used. Cooperation and coordination amongst group members is an essential to acquire expert service. Everyone must be accountable for his/her works.

A comprehensive and timely interaction with the customers makes the job in excellent development. It is simple to plainly find out the translation material, quality, design, function, making up requirement of target source, personal term and so on at the start of contact. When the translators experience problems and present concerns, the task supervisor ought to call the customers to get the options as quickly as possible. Task supervisor must inform all translators worrying with the problems and services.


Feedback gathered from customers and quality tracing can expose the weak point and aid to enhance service quality next time. The group will make quick development in expert translation service continually by finding its weak points and fixing them without hold-up.

Based upon the requirement of expert translation service, some ideas are offered as follows:.

1. QA department is highly suggested to make the most of translation tools, such as Trados, which can keep track of the activities of each translator. Resources can be shared through the tool so that the translators tend to work effectively. It is motivated to develop a system that is special to others.

2. Each customer can evaluate the credit and service quality of a translation group. After the group hands in the completed work to the customers, the latter may offer the group an assessment by ranking on the site of the business. Pressure advances quality.

3. The associated organizations must put focus on the policy of translation market to develop a healthy market. There is a long way to keep the translation market in order, however supplying expert translation service is an unavoidable pattern in the future. It is time to define expert service today.





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